Snake Stix snake tongs holding a Cottonmouth.(Photo courtesy of Terry Heuring)

                 Length         Suggested Retail    

                     24"                   $66.25

                 36"                   $66.25   

                 42"                   $72.48

                 48"                   $78.52

                 60"                   $93.87

                 72"                   $110.45

Snake tongs are available in the following lengths:

Snake Stix Snake Tongs:

Our snake tongs are the next evolutionary step in safely capturing snakes. These tongs feature nylon resin jaws and an aluminum shaft. There are no cables or springs to worry about. We use a rod and clevis action which needs no adjustment. The nylon jaws are warmer to the touch for the snake than metal jaws so the snake doesn't get a "shock" when the body is captured in the jaws. Our tongs also have a locking mechanism on the handle to lock the jaws in the closed position when not in use.

Dan Mulleary with a Mangrove Snake. (Photo courtesy of Dan M)